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Ford Fiesta 1.5L Trend and Sport. This car comes in 2013, American output of cars, many become an idol and are made in lieu of the previous variants which are no longer in production.
Ford 1.5 is designed in such a way only to provide comfort for the driver and passengers while on the road. When playing or when changing gear transmission is very mini car causing a loud noise and vibration.

Type Ford Fiesta
Fiesta 1.4 Style M / T
Fiesta 1.4L Trend M / T
Fiesta 1.4 L Trend AT
1.6L Fiesta Sport AT
1.6L Fiesta Sport MT
1.6L Fiesta Sport + AT

Specifications Ford Fiesta 1.5 L Trend and Sport

Fiesta car body type is made dynamic with indentations, the design of the rearview did not want to lose that is made into an electronic and pulsating light sedhinnga added Ford Fiesta 1.5L appear more trendy and sporty.
Clever features in it that was dipasangfkan Aquto Hjeadlampmenggunakan light sensor and rain sensor wipers FEATURES THOUGHTFUL that will automatically turn on the wipers in rainy conditions and equipped with REAR PARKING SENSORS four parts on the rear of the car in order to facilitate our fatherly anxiety free parking, Lauch HILL ASSIST designed to prevent slipping downhill hill when you move the foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator, work on forward and reverse gears.

Owned Exterior Features All New Ford Fiesta 1.5 Ecomode:
Auto Headlamp
Thoughtful Featurer
 Rear Parking Sensors
Lauch Hill Assist


Some interesting system that was delivered at the Fiesta include 6 Speed ​​Dual Clutch Powershift, Electronic Program stabilty, Tranction Control System, Antilock Breaking System, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Driver and Passenger Airbags, Bluetooth / USB / iPod Connectivity and Voice Control, Power of 122PS @ 6300rpm, Ford Easy Fuel, as well as fuel consumption 5,9L per 100KM.

Interior Features Recent Owned In All New Ford Fiesta 1.5 Ecomode:
Ice Blue Illumination
Accented With Leather
Steering With Style
Ford Ecomode Driver Information System
Feel The Power Not The Shift
Electric Power - Assisted Steering (Epas)
Big Bold Sound
I N Plug And Play
Hear Your Textc
Electronic Air Temperature Control
Entry Keyles And Push Button Star

New ford fiesta designed to reduce the cost of ownership through the use of more fuel efficient and lower CO2 emissions, without compromising on style or driving quality.
Ice Blue Illumination. Ice-blue illumination adds stylish instrument panel design, not only makes the details so easy and quick to read at night but also comfortable to the eye and it looks really cool.

With Leather. The combination of leather and materials jog bekualitas the sports model making new fiesta seats in the cabin look fabulous and comfortable to sit on.

Steering With Style. Experience the full control on existing saan driven hand and your eyes looking at the road, with steering wheel control is you who controls the smart new features fiesta only with the tip of your finger, while the steering wheel is wrapped in leather adds a sense of luxury driving each journey.

Ford Ecomode Driver Information System. 2016 Audi A3 price and Release date There are many things that can affect the correlation between fuel and mileage, one of which is the way you drive. Ecomode give you tips on how to change your style of driving, when you're driving to apply and see you will be able to drive further and reduce the frequency of refueling.

Feel The Power Not The Shift. Harga Lantai Kayu, Lantai Parket vs Lantai Vinyl Ford power shift provides a perfect combination of comfort and efficiency of the manual. 6 speed automatic transmission mamu selecting the next gear right at the right moment with the speed change gear very quickly, without disrupting the flow of energy. Manual mode can make change gear simply by pressing a button without need clutch

Electric Power - Assisted Steering (Epas). Electric power - assisted steering (EPAS), which advanced the new fiesta reaches equilibrium may not exist in the conventional power steering system. At parker speed, full power is obtained at the time of maneuver is very mild. So to the point of taste and optimal comfort.

Big Bold Sound. MP3 - compatible with six speakers (four in front and two behind the same axis / coaxial). Centralized steering wheel with audio, AUX and USB connection external music, audio-streaming and hends-free from the Bluetooth phone through the FORD SYNC.

I N Plug And Play. USB and IPOD mengubungkanmu to ford integrated audio system with SYNC take songs and your contacts wherever you go.

Hear Your Texts. ok, you're not the type who melakung SMS while driving, but with the new fiesta you can add voice commands for SMS read by voice tight. SYNC will read out SMS so that you do not need to wait until the parker to see incoming messages. More cool again SYNC understand the meaning of commonly used abbreviations and emoticons.

Electronic Air Temperature Control. Blend of comfort and technology provide a superb driving experience. Set the temperature and the cabin as you wish and start your journey with full comfort.

Entry Keyles And Push Button Star. During the vehicle keys in your pocket or purse, the new Fiesta will automatically open when you pull the handle pitu. Then just place your foot on the brake, press the start button and you are ready to drive.
Features superior 1.5L Ford Fiesta Trend and Sport

The pair Ti-VCT engine, 1.5L Ford Fiesta Trend and Sport will make your fuel economy up to 4.5%, 5% speed torque and peak power of 7%. This machine really appreciate your time to give maximum output. In addition, you can use the voice command feature or voice commands to listen to the music by saying the "Bluetooth audio". There is also TM63 which lets you make hands free calls and played a favorite song. For the front seats are provided heating.

Price Ford Fiesta 1.5 L Trend and Sport

New Ford Fiesta 1.5L MT Style, Rp. 200 300 000,
New Ford Fiesta 1.5L Trend MT, Rp. 208 900 000,
New Ford Fiesta 1.5L Trend AT, Rp. 219 900 000,
New Ford Fiesta 1.5L Sport MT, Rp. 230 million,
New Ford Fiesta 1.5L Sport AT, Rp. 241 million,
New Ford Fiesta 1.0L Ecoboost MT, Rp. 246 400 000,
New Ford Fiesta 1.0L Ecoboost AT, Rp. 256 400 000,
Ford New Fiesta Sedan 1.5L Trend MT, Rp. 249 million,
Ford New Fiesta Sedan 1.0L Titanium AT, Rp. 288 800 000

Thus the information I provide may be useful and pleasing when please share to your friends thanks. Prices and Specifications Ford Fiesta 1.5 L Trendy and Sport


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