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Ford Ranger. Just like the type Ford Ranger Single Cabin Base 2.2L, Double Cabin Ford Ranger Hi-Rider 2.2L still carrying its strength and resilience in a wide range of rough terrain as its main advantage. Significant differences were seen in the size of the cabin. If the single cabin only able to carry a maximum of three passengers, then the double cabin can contain a maximum of five passengers. Then what about specifics? How to design the interior and exterior? What features superior? Check out his review below.

Ford Ranger's toughness and durability is legendary and unquestioning. With Dura TORQ engine 2.2L TDCi diesel fitted with 6-speed manual transmission has established this car's performance in all fields, especially in fields that weight. Coupled with their 800mm wading water that makes this car able to cross the river without obstacles.

Cars ford ranger double cabin types have several variants of types such as Double Cabin Chassis Hi-Rider 2.2L, Double Cabin Pick-up 2.5L, Double Cabin Pick-up Hi-Rider 2.2L, and Double Cabin Pick-up Hi-Rider 3.2L , All variants of the type having a steady performance in all terrain. You can select the types to fit your needs so that efficiency is maintained.


Strong design and elegant exterior is one of the advantages of this car. Various accessories are used to strengthen and beautify the appearance. Accessories exterior Double Cabin Ford Ranger Hi-Rider 2.2L include:

-> Alloy Bull Bar, serves to protect the car from collisions and also add style to the look of the car.
-> Tailgate Liner, serves to protect the load from falling and ease in transporting and unloading
-> Spare Wheel Lock, serves as an additional lock on the wheel to protect from possible theft.
-> Tonneau Cover, serves to protect the load from the heat / rain so the charge remains safe inside. Tonneau Cover can be installed and removed in accordance with your needs.

There are still a lot of variety of other exterior accessories that can be added to the car, but an outline of the exterior design had been adequately represent eskterior on the car.


The interior of a car will determine the convenience of users. In addition to the standard interior such as CD / MP3 player and air conditioning, the car has several additional interior that can spoil the driver and passengers such as:

-> Child Activity Organiser, serves to place a variety of items such as toys, books, drinking, etc. Can also be used as a backpack to carry your luggage.
-> DVD / CD Wallet, serves to store the tapes, CD / DVD so that your goods are not scattered in the car.
-> Fridge 15L, serves to store food or drinks cold with a loading capacity of 15L. It is suitable for storing food and drink when a picnic with family.

With perfect design in the cockpit, The All-New Ranger provides all the instruments easily accessible by the driver and equipped with luxury entertainment and the latest technologies, such as cruise-control steering and steering audio controls that enhance driving comfort, including USB connectivity, Bluetooth and Voice Command (XLT and Wildtrak), make it a vehicle that is smart and elegant without losing sight of the blood and soul of a true tough vehicle.


In addition to interior and exterior design compelling, this car also has excellent features like iPod integration, Bluetooth voice control, Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and Emergency brake Assist (EBS). These features further complement Double Cabin Ford Ranger Hi-Rider 2.2L as a vehicle that is safe and comfortable driving in all-terrain either for work or traveling with family.
The price of the latest Ford Ranger

Ranger Single Cabin 2. 5L I4 Petrol Base 4 × 2 MT Rp. 190,500,000.00.
Ranger single cabin 2. 2L base 4 × 4 MT Rp. 262 700 000, 00
RAP Ranger Cabin 2. 2L base 4 × 4 MT Rp. 273 500 000, 00
Ranger double cabin 2. 2L Hi Rider 4 × 2 MT Rp. 317 500 000, 00
Ranger double cabin 2. 2L XLS 4 × 4 MT Rp. 341 500 000, 00
Ranger Double Cabin 2. 2L Hi Rider 4 × 2 AT Rp. 327,500,000.00
Ranger double cabin 2. 2L Base 4 × 4 MT Rp. 319 700 000, 00
Ranger double cabin 2. 2 XLT 4 × 4 MT Rp. 367 400 000, 00.
Ranger double cabin 2. 2L wildtrack 4 × 4 AT Rp. 396,800,000.00
Ranger double cabin med 2. 2L base diesel 4 × 4 MT W / airbags Rp. 324,600,000.00
Ranger diesel cabin daouble Hi 2. 2L XLS 4 × 4 MT w / airbags Rp. 342,700,000.00
Ranger double cabin diesel Hi 3. 2 XLT 4 × 4 MT W / bedliner Rp. 376,800,000.00.

Thus the information I provide may be useful and pleasing when please share to your friends thanks. Prices and Specifications Double Cabin Ford Ranger Hi-Rider 2.2L

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